A guide to using the EVRST™ mini

How to use:

1. Click the front button five times continuously to turn the EVRST™ on/off.

2. The three temperatures to switch to are:

Green - 356F/180 C

Blue - 374F/190C

White - 401F/205C

3. The EVRST™ will start heating as soon as you turn it on. Clicking the button once will switch between temperatures.

4. The button will flash slowly when heating up. The light will stay illuminated once the heat selected has been reached. Draw on the machine slowly for 5-8 seconds to receive a full hit of vapour. The EVRST™ has a 3 minute session time. One full battery should last between 3-5 full sessions. Once those 3 minutes have elapsed, the machine will turn itself off as a safety feature.


 Notice: If the front button flashes red three times, the machine has stopped working from a circuit problem and has locked as a safety feature.

If the front button flashes red ten times, the battery is on low energy and needs to be charged.

The front button will stay illuminated red when the device is
charging. The button will stop illuminating when fully charged. 

Please watch the video below for a visual demonstration of how the machine operates:


This warranty does not cover machine faults that are caused by wear and tear/bad handling. If machine no longer works from electrical faults we will swap with a new machine or provide a full refund